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asf certification and recertification interactive system

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Q: How do I use crtis?
A: Please download the crtis manual for a current overview of functionality and instructions.
For a visual guide through some of the most commonly-used functions of crtis, please click here to view our Prezi.

Q: Can teachers look at their own certification progress?
A: Only designated religion coordinators and principals may track certification progress. If your school has lost or misplaced your login information, please contact the webmaster - dcsweb@sfarchdiocese.org at the Department of Catholic Schools to receive this.

Q: I registered and paid for a workshop, but I was unable to attend. Can I receive credit for future workshops or a refund?
A: Unfortunately, due to the cost of hosting a workshop, we are unable to offer credits or refunds for a workshop that has already taken place.

Q: Can I register more than one person at a time?
A: Indeed you can - just hold down the "Ctrl" button on your PC keyboard or the "Cmd" ⌘ button on your Mac keyboard as you select each person on your school's list that you'd like to register, then press "Register".
If you want to register your whole list, select the top name, then scroll down to the bottom of the list, press and hold your keyboard's "Shift" key, and then click the last name to select the entire list.

Q: I registered for the wrong workshop! What do I do?
A: Please see page 38 of the crtis manual for instructions on how to move or delete registrations.

Q: How can I tell how much I owe you?
A: The amount of each registration appears on the registration confirmation. If you have registered more than one person for a school, crtis will calculate the total amount combined for that session. If you have registered for more than one workshop session, you will need to add the totals together.
We also invoice the schools at the end of every month.
Q: Who do I make the check out to?
A: The Department of Catholic Schools. However, if this is an event sponsored by another party, you will almost certainly not be sending a check to us; you will only be registering the workshop in crtis so that you can receive credit for attendance. If you're a teacher and you're not sure who is producing the event, please check with your Religion Coordinator first before contacting us.

Q: How is the workshop attendance tracking done?
A: When you register in crtis for a workshop, a record is created in the database for that registration. When you attend the workshop sign in when you arrive. We'll mark the database record to show that the workshop was attended, and it will show up in the list of your attended workshops.
When you register for a workshop that's produced by another entity, like the Faith Formation Conference, L. A. Congress or a college seminar, you will need to work with your Religion Coordinator to let us know that you have attended the event.
For information on requesting that an event be added to the crtis database, please see page 41 of the crtis manual.

Q: Is the religion coordinator the only one who can register teachers for workshops?
A: No, anyone may register for a workshop, as long as they are listed on your school's roster in the registration section. If you are the Religion Coordinator, please make sure that all of your current teachers are listed. If you need to add a teacher (or make them inactive if they are no longer at your school) please read the next question.

Q: I'm not on my school's list, or I'm a Religion Coordinator and I'm noticing people missing, or people who shouldn't be on the list anymore. What should I do?
A: Please see page 21 of the crtis manual.

Q: When it says on the certification tracking screen that recertification is due in 2016, by what month should it be completed?
A: It means that recertification is due by July 1, 2016, which is usually right after the last workshop is offered for the school year.

Q: What are the workshop categories?
A: Please see the Principal & Religion Coordinator Handbook for a list of categories.
Q: How many workshops should a person take each year?
A: Please see the Principal & Religion Coordinator Handbook .

Q: If I keep going to workshops I could exceed the requirements for recertification. Does it all accumulate? Does it push my recertification three more years out so that I could take several years' break from workshops?
A: Please see the Principal & Religion Coordinator Handbook .
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